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Research opportunities in the regulation of transcription and chromatin dynamics


A major goal of the Hainer lab is to foster an environment of consistent scientific excellence and personal development. Through this goal, we can support every lab member in reaching their full potential and have fun while doing great science. We want you to be happy and productive while you are here. 


Importantly, the Hainer lab is committed to fostering inclusivity in our pursuit of scientific discovery. We encourage an environment of collaboration, open communication, and trust, which welcomes diversity and respects differences of opinion. These principles allow us to discover new ways of thinking and behaving which will lead to innovation and scientific success.


We are always looking for motivated, hard working, and talented individuals to join our group.


If you are interested in a postdoctoral position, please email Sarah directly at sarah.hainer[at] with your CV and research interests.

We are currently accepting rotation students from either the MCDB or ISB program. Please contact Sarah to discuss projects and availability.

If you are interested in joining the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh, please visit our website to apply to the MCDB graduate program.

If you are interested in the ISB program, please visit our website for information to apply.

First or Second year undergraduates interested in a first research experience should contact Sarah directly at sarah.hainer[at] to find out about research opportunities.

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